Basic Usage and Adding an Event

As a new user to MyCalet there are some basic usage examples you may find useful.

When you start the application you will be on the Calendar Tab.

In this tab the display of your calendars contents are on the right side of the screen. This display can be modified to different “views”. These views are selected with the rounded tabs “Day”, “Week”, Multiweek”, Month, List. The view most common is the Monthly view as shown above.

On initial start up the only calendar available is “My Calendar”. The default color for this calendar is blue.

Adding an Event

To add an “event” you can double-click the day on the right side view and then new Event screen appears.

Add your information.

You can also set a reminder for this event. The reminder will display a message and make a sound when the event reminder goes off.

Notice the little bell next to the event. A new event has been added.