Create and subscribe to calendars.

There are two types of calendars: those that you create, and those to which you subscribe. Calendars you create can be personal to you or they can be shared with others.  The ability to share a calendar is as easy as sending an email.  “Shared Calendars” are automatically updated when you add, change or modify an event. “Subscribed Calendars” are those that you are invited to add into your private calendar view or are selected from the MyCalet published listing.  When you have a “Subscribed Calendar” you will be notified of all updates to that calendar.


MyCalet has several features to allow you to manage events.

Events are single entries listed in a calendar.  Entering an event into MyCalet is easy and straightforward:  select a Calendar, provide a title and description of the activity, and choose the date and time.  If the event repeats, use the menu to define the method of repeating.  Need a reminder? Set the notification menu to prompt you before the start of the event.

Managing Your Calendars

MyCalet has several features to allow you to manage your calendars.

You can provide a detailed description for any calendar you create. Each calendar you create or subscribe to can be color coded so that you will be easily able to identify events associated with that calendar. There are multiple calendar views so that you can look at events daily, weekly, monthly or in a list. Each calendar can be switched off or turned on so that you can identify availability or spot potential conflicts.

Subscribing to Calendars

Tired of re-entering calendar information?

Leverage MyCalet to automatically populate your personal calendar with events that are important to you and your family.  Content publishers supply calendar information for MyCalet users, saving them time and effort.  A calendar owner (for example, your son’s boy scout leader) can invite you directly to subscribe to their calendar, or you can search for calendars from MyCalet’s Information Partners (for example, the NBA).

Sharing Calendars

Sharing a calendar is as easy as sending an email.

MyCalet users who are responsible for coordinating events for groups of people can “publish” calendars for their group.  Simply list the names and email addresses for your group and MyCalet will send an invitation to the group member to subscribe to your calendar.  If you update events, your group will benefit by receiving a notification and having the event automatically updated in their calendar view.