Calendar Partner Program

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The Calendar Partner Program caters to those organizations who are the owners (or publishers) of public calendar information.  As a partner, your calendar information will be made available to all members of the MyCalet community.  There are several benefits to joining the Calendar Partner Program.  These benefits include:

  • Technology to electronically pass data into the MyCalet environment saving data entry time
  • Automation of updates and changes to specific events through a nightly data file exchange
  • Names and Address tools to notify MyCalet community members of new calendar content
  • URL links embedded in event descriptions to driving web traffic back to your public website
  • MyCalet Affiliate Branding for incorporation into your organization’s websites and collateral
  • Consideration for the distribution of the MyCalet Client Application
  • And, a technology partner who is considered the leader in the management of calendar information

Join MyCalet’s Calendar Partner Program by filling out the below form and a MyCalet Business Development Representative will contact you to provide the details of the program.

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Tired of re-typing events into your family’s calendar?  Do you receive calendars or schedules from others that you would like to be able to access in MyCalet?

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